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Air Disc Brakes,
Hydraulic Brakes Pads, and Linings

Manufactured with integrated world class friction technologies with all critical raw materials

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Reman Wheel Kits

Coined Shoes for the OE geometry and new high quality friction for long life

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New Wheel Kits

With new steel, its OE performance without the headache of cores

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Bulk Lining

Providing a catalog of friction for every need

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Air Disc Pads & Hydraulic Pads

Covering disc based fleets from the long haul to the last mile

Superior Engineering & Exceptional Quality

  • All product pass FMVSS121 or FMV105 compliance tests
  • Pads and Linings are N rated and compliant for the most stringent 2025 Copper Free regulations
  • Premium lining formulations are all track tested to ensure it exceeds the new Reduced Stopping Distance requirements and proven on OE builds
  • Pads also meet rigorous European Reg 90 compliance tests

Industry Leading Coverage and Support

  • With 30+ years of formulation development, able to provide a deep library of formulations to match each application
  • Dedicated sales and technical support team to train our partner whether in person or virtual
  • Global product management team focused on staying on the forefront of new to range parts and market changes

Consistent compressibility over the entire pad reduces noise and vibration and helps in outperforming leading competitors in stopping distance and resistance to fade and wear


OE Performance
Friction Material

Under Layer

High Temperature
Adhesive Layer

Anchoring Backplate


Economy Friction Level

Standard Friction Level

Premium Friction Level

RSD Fricion Level